Actuarial Valuation

We regularly undertake statutory valuations of employee benefit schemes for US-GAAP and IFRS reporting to ensure compliance with the regulatory standards and maintain adequate provisioning.

The following are frequently subject to valuation:

  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • Gratuities
  • Leave encashment (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Leave availment (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Long service swards
  • Provident funds (in case of employer managed trusts)
  • Deferred bonuses/benefits
  • Post-retirement medical benefit schemes
  • Warranty costs
  • Rewards points accumulation

We apply industry standard valuation metrics to help you manage both compliance & reporting requirements and future expectations.

We can also take on a review role whereby an existing model is audited for consistency and accuracy.

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