About Actuareal

Our Origins and Family Links

Actuareal has grown out of Censere, which in turn is part of Phusjon Group. Previously we were part of the valuation offering by Censere, but, as our work grew and we were asked by clients to undertake more than just actuarial valuation, it made sense for us to develop our own brand and service offering. Thus Actuareal was born.

We have grown beyond the valuation tradition formed as part of Censere, with services now encompassing actuarial valuation, due diligence of actuarial models and portfolios and actuarial consulting to promote better risk modelling for clients in complex business areas such as insurance, pension planning and product and service warranties.


Sample background

Our Roots

Actuareal traces its roots back to 2002, when Censere was first established. At this time we were a small part of Censere's broader valuation offering, focused primarily on valuation of pension plans and the like.

Our strength comes from being part of Phusjon Group. Phusjon Group comprises several discrete but complementary businesses which together work to enhance our clients' performance, while minimising risk.

Having said that, actuarial modelling is at the heart of what we do. All our services are based around the application of sound actuarial principles.

Phusjon Group's other businesses include Censere; which offers comprehensive valuation and research services including valuation of businesses, intellectual property, derivatives, real estate and machinery & equipment, Stratiqa; which provides strategic advisory, M&A advisory and value consulting services and Ausus Advisory; which provides due diligence, forensic accounting and background investigation services.

Our Strength
Being a focused actuarial consulting brand enables us to provide unparalleled focused advice while having the added advantage of being able to draw on the broader skill set across the whole of Phusjon Group.